Since 2011, Verizon has made a firm commitment to support, engage, recruit and retain veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses. Verizon has fully transformed its thinking from recruiting service members and spouses because it is the right thing to do into a business imperative!  In fact, Verizon is proud to report that we hire over 100 veteran full-time employees each month in all areas of the business.

As a direct result of this Veteran Value Proposition and effective engagement efforts with the help of Hiring Our Heroes, Verizon took action and made the key investments below:

·       The Verizon Talent Acquisitions Department has increased its Military Recruitment Team (aka MRT) to a total of seven full-time hires representing each major branch of service and a military spouse.  Each MRT member is dedicated to recruiting and sourcing service members and spouses and sits in a local regional office from coast to coast.

·       Verizon has created its own dedicated veteran & military spouse landing page ( with a built-in “military skills matcher” that makes it easier for service members to find similar and/or  direct fits within Verizon based off their MOS’s. In addition, the new site includes a direct contact link for veteran and military spouse applicant to connect with the MRT.

·       Verizon has invested in creating internal videos and success stories that highlight the “Veteran Value Proposition” that directly links to the commonality and core values that are shared by Verizon culture and the military culture.

·       Verizon’s media team has launched “Missions to Projects,” a social media initiative on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter that highlights employment and engagement opportunities and key recognition such as military branch birthdays and military /veteran holidays throughout the year.

·       Verizon created a Recruiter Training program that teaches users about effective veteran engagement, resources and branding and provides additional content that recruiters will find valuable in their work.

·      The Verizon Wireless Team invested its efforts in creating “Cell & Switch.” This program directly connects transitioning service members with an employee with a similar MOS/background and puts them into a five-week training program and then into a job at Verizon.

·       Verizon senior leadership and business leaders from various verticals from across the country have pledged their support by engaging with the office of Military Programs & Veteran Affairs to ensure they receive resumes from veterans for their career opportunities.  

·       Verizon created the Veterans Advisory Board and Veterans Business Council to ensure that newly hired Veterans are welcomed and have a voice in vetting opportunities and programs Verizon should support through volunteerism, matching gifts, grants and in-kind investments.

·       The Verizon Foundation alone has invested over $700,000 in grants in the past three years that support veteran-specific programs to empower them to improve their lives with needed resources and beyond. This includes support for the USO & American Corporate Programs.  In 2015, the Foundation will continue to increase its giving significantly.

·       The Verizon Technology Team invested significant money and time in developing the first-ever free APP in support of service members in collaboration with the US Chamber of Commerce / Hiring Our Heroes. Verizon is currently seeking to continue this investment by enhancing the APP and making it available for all those who need it.

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